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Production of Electrotechnical Equipment is Successfully Developing in Atyrau

“Centech” has been offering high-quality domestic products to the region’s residents for the last two years.

“Cecntech” is a domestic manufacturer of electrical equipment, which was established in 2013 as a production part of the industrial holding company “Centrasia Group.” The company started its operations in 2015 and manifests itself as one of the young, promising and confidently developing companies in the Atyrau region. The company offers a wide range of electrical products: cable trays and accessories, distribution panels and electrical panels, metal cabinets for clothing and documents, metal shelving for storage facilities, as well as other sheet metal products on customer’s request.

All the products manufactured by the company comply with the established rules of certification, which shows a guarantee of reliability and high quality. The company uses modern equipment, such as a punch press, bending and cutting machines, as well as paint and assembly lines, to manufacture high-quality products.

In 2015, SB JSC “Sberbank” issued a loan to the enterprise within the framework of the “Business Roadmap – 2020” program for business development in the amount of 120 million tenge at 14% per annum. The subsidy was 7%, and the guarantee of the “Damu Fund” was 60 mln tenge. Twenty four jobs were created thanks to the new production. Today the company cooperates with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. The company is aimed at the further implementation of advanced technologies to increase production efficiency and meet the needs of its customers.

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A. Kudaibergen participates at “Akzhaiyk Invest” forum in Uralsk

Today, 16 July, “Akzhayik Invest” Innovation Forum was held, which discussed the proposals on innovative and strategic development of the economy of the region with the assistance of external experts

Forum is organized by the akimat of West Kazakhstan and JSC “NC” SEC “Oral”. The head of the region Altai Kulginov reported that the purpose of the forum is to discuss the economy of West Kazakhstan on the back of new global challenges.

– We focus our efforts on the development of mechanical engineering, agriculture, construction industry, small and medium business and tourism – said Altai Kulginov.

Chairman of the Board at «Centrasia Group» Almas Kudaibergen noted that at the present time there are very large projects in the oil and gas sector.

– We see that local companies can participate in major construction and contracting services. Our factories can supply a variety of equipment, such as tanks, cable. On the Tengiz field the project worth 37 billion dollars shortly is implemented.. There 20 will be organized thousand new jobs . It will use the latest technologies in oil production. Kazakhstani companies can take part in these projects. Naturally, this also contributed to the economy – said Almas Kudaibergen.

Details at: http://mgorod.kz/nitem/v-uralske-na-konferencii-obsudili-ekonomicheskoe-razvitie-zko/

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A. Kudaibergen: “Reduced oilfield industry staff of Kazakhstan went to the “Tengiz” project”

The workers of oilfield services industry in Kazakhstan, who were laid off, went into the project “Tengiz”, where now there is expansion, said Almas Kudaibergen, Chairman of the Board «Centrasia Group», Chairman of the Union of service companies of Kazakhstan at a press conference in the Central Communications Service, BNews.kz reports.

“Last year, when we were going to reduce 40 thousand employees of oilfield service companies within 3 years, we have seen that the price of oil declined. If you now look at the medium term, we see that oil prices could rise and companies are heavily cut the budget last year, that is actually reduced their capital expenditures, greatly put down operating costs, which greatly affected the oilfield service companies. If capital costs are reduced, they begin to produce less oil. Less oil – fewer sales. According to preliminary results of the first quarter  an increase of certain costs for certain types of work can be observed. This means that there will be more work for us, oilfield service companies, that  the people who may be reduced, or go on vacation, they will again be hired “, – said A.Kudaibergen.

According to him, the worst-case scenario, which was considered in the past year, was not implemented.

Read more at: https://regnum.ru/news/economy/2121680.html

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Country’s first part-time School of Entrepreneurship has opened in Atyrau

Listeners of the evening school of business will learn the basics of building and running their own business under the guidance of teachers, theorists and successful businessmen , reports BNews.kz with reference to the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

“This project is realized in Atyrau regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Atyrau State University and supported by akim of Atyrau and “Bolashak” Association Alumni of the oil capital “, – said the director of PSC Asylbek Jakiyev.

Aspiring businessmen and students of economic faculty of ASU were invited for the first session. Discussions on world practice of start-up projects and the effectiveness of the “Bolashak” program for students were held.

Serbolat Shorayev, a graduate of Lincoln University (USA) and Middle East Technical University of Ankara (Turkey), now a successful entrepreneur said that in the country there were created unique opportunities for self-realization for young entrepreneurs. First of all, it is necessary to overcome oneself from within.

“There are institutions of financial and legal support of entrepreneurs. A huge role in the development of small and medium business is played today by the National Chamber of entrepreneurs, as well as its regional offices. And one of the real actions aimed at the development of entrepreneurship is the opening of this school, “- said S.Shorayev.




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