Collaborative work initiated by famous Kazakhstan entrepreneurs in December 2016 resulted in the opening of the children’s home Mother’s Home throughout the country. This was registered as a Social Fund.

This charity project was organized for the purpose of preventing social orphanhood and decreasing the number of children entering into children’s homes.

The second stage is working with Children’s Homes to identify potential adoptive parents. In order to prevent early social orphanhood, we came to conclusion about the need to create Center of adoption assistance and School of foster parents who will carry out consulting and information services which will be easily accessible to people regarding adopting of children.


Founder of fund:

Aidyn Rakhymbayev BI Group chairman of board of directors

Dauren Zhaksybek  JSC «Цеснабанк» chairman of board of directors


Almas Kudaibergen is recognized philanthropist in the various scope of the field and one of the philanthropists of the fund Mother’s Home, he is the Chairman of the board Centrasia Group Holding, Member of Presidium Union of service companies of Kazakhstan — KazService.