–          Ex Inspections and Hazardous Area Installations
–          Electrical and Instrumentation Construction
–          Oil and Gas Commissioning and Start Up
–          Manufacturing low voltage cabinets and distribution panels
–          Manufacturing cable tray systems
–          Manufacturing custom accessories and other metal products
–          Delivering industrial rope access
–          Delivering scaffolds and scaffolders
–          Interior outfitting
–          Workforce solutions
–          Supply of production equipment and materials
–          Distribution of painting and coating materials
–          Distribution of insulation materials
–          Application of painting and coatings
–          Application of surface protection
–          Application of fire protection coating
–          Welding and piping services
–          Supply chemicals, mechanical and electrical equipment and instruments for oil and gas sector.
–          Rental of construction equipment and vehicles industrial tools, pumps and power generation equipment, trench shoring and shielding, scaffolding, climate control, remediation & restoration equipment, and more.