How to start your own business? Now about that everyone can learn at night school business, open by agreement between the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs and Atyrau State University after Kh Dosmukhamedov.

The next session of the School was held on Thursday. The member of the Chamber of entrepreneurs, CEO at «Logic Services Centrasia» Serbolat Shorayev addressed the students and teachers. He shared his experience with young people and said what is needed to start a business.

According to him, first of all, it is necessary to overcome itself from within.

– That is, one has to understand – if he needs this business or not, if it is worth it to do business or not , – says the businessman.

Secondly – you need to decide in what area I want to open a business. Professional advises that the best way to start a business in an area close to their specialty. In addition, in his opinion, budding entrepreneurs should pay special attention to production – this is a huge niche that has not engaged in the region.

– And the third, important condition – an experienced and reliable team, – said the speaker, recalling that “one man is no man.”