“I advise everybody to focus efforts on building a business”, says Z. Salimov, Board Member of Bolashak Association.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ>: Zhumatai before you start talking about the members of the Association, tell us about yourself: what year did you train by the program, and what has it given to you personally?
– I am a graduate of the 2008 program year, finished magistracy in Washington on the specialty “government”. Over the 8 years held high, managerial post in the public service, and not so long ago took a major decision to go into business. Currently I am working in the sector for the development of Kazakhstan’s oil service companies. Going this way, on his personal example, I can safely recommend to all youngsters to direct their efforts to build a business of real sector.
KAZPRAVDA.KZ: What kind of work does a Association do in terms of employment of graduates?

– We have implemented a system for this project “Career Center”, which provides real support to young specialists in employment and career maintenance. Base job seekers and employers to the center has more than 4 thousand specialists. In 2015, it employed more than 40 people. It operates a free online platform for finding job – hr.bolashak.kz. Internship Bolashak training program is also running. The basic idea is having paid work practices in the partner companies of the program for Bolashak graduates.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ: What else is included in the direct duties of members of the Association?

– Our business is built on four areas – they are charity, the development of youth entrepreneurship, transfer of knowledge and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Everything that is connected with the charity – is Bolashak Charity, everything about healthy lifestyle – Bolashak Sport, in which there were mass action Crossfit Bolashak, races and bike races. A separate area of Bolashak Business, in which the most important is that the graduates of “Bolashak” program and the progressive youth was not trying to get into the “high” seats and occupy important positions, but received a good education run business. In this area we will spend the second year in a competition StartupBolashak, which give the opportunity to young people to win grants for the opening of the business. t we hold the contes in the format of a reality show, which broadcast is carried out on the national television channel. We also had the initiative Bolashak Business Cases. In all business schools the study is based on the business case. Traditional cases are used mainly. In this case Kazakhstan practically was not. So we decided to release the first collection of Kazakh business cases Bolashak Business Cases, which examined the various problems in business administration from the point of view of our business. New charity project – a lottery Bolashak Lunch, the winner of which will share lunch with one of the most popular and sought-after music artists of Kazakhstan Kairat Nurtas.
KAZPRAVDA.KZ: I also know that you pay special attention to educational programs.

– Of course,we are paying enough attention to educational moments , as in the Association a good intellectual resources focuses, and we consider it is important to continue to pursue the diffusion of knowledge. Our people carry out various training and coaching sessions. Also we have a separate action “Our knowledge to our country,” is a series of lectures held for universities and schools. If you remember your high school years, the most interesting were the lectures of guest speakers, as these guests by example “infected” all students. Therefore, our young generation goes to remote regions and speak to the audience, talking about their experiences. Often they dispel the myth that some special people trained under the program “Bolashak”. All procedures are transparent, it releases massive amounts of scholarships. For rural youth have special quota.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ: Zhumatai, tell us about the project, which was welcomed by the society – dubbing Hollywood films into the Kazakh language.

– Thank you for this assessment. Indeed, we pay special attention to the development of the state language. This project has been implemented since 2011. Thanks to the efforts of our children, Kazakh language is one of the official languages of the thirty Hollywood. To date, 15 popular dubbing films are made.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ: We see clearly the work within the Association.Can anyone join in your ranks?

– If a person with an active civil position, he is close to our goals and objectives, he may join the ranks of our organization, whether he is a graduate of “Bolashak” program or not. It’s enough to fill out a questionnaire and a statement. We accept “non-bolashakers” at the general meeting of the Association members, which takes place once a year.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ: On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence are any measures planned in the Association?
To this date we have coincided with the project “25 good deeds”, in which we have combined a number of activities in eight directions. These events are held throughout the year in all regions of Kazakhstan, special attention is given to charitable projects to provide targered social assistance, including equipment cabinets of psycho-pedagogical correction, support for inclusion in educational institutions, travel grants, charity ball.